Control your weight using different aerobic methods


Is aerobic training boring to you? Is that the reason why you skip it? Well, it doesn’t have to be so. There are many ways that you can make aerobic training fun and challenging, as long as you use different AT (aerobic training) methods. Continue reading


The Okinawa Diet


Japan by many studies is the country with longest life expectancies. The life expectancies by gender are: males 80.6, females 86.8, with total life expectancies of 83.7 years. Japan also is the country with highest number of centenarians. The credit for this may go to the southernmost prefecture of Japan – Okinawa. Continue reading

“Complete” vs “Incomplete” protein


What goes into your mind when you hear the word protein? Steak, eggs, cheese, lamb chops right? Well protein isn’t found just in animal products. There is a huge dilemma about protein and where can be found, which one is the best, is the protein “complete”, etc. There’re a lot of plant foods that contain high amounts of protein. Continue reading