Be healthy for your kids to be happy

Work created us (humans), that’s what they say. Our evolution as human beings is the evidence. We live in this beautiful modern world, but what this world has brought to us in terms of health is hypo kinesis or lack of movement. . Our ancestors were in constant motion, whether hunting, gathering food or running to save their lives.  We stopped moving, stretching, growing.

We’re distancing ourselves further away from our nature. That’s the reason why the number of modern time diseases is growing each year. We’re spending more and more money on pills as the years go by. The cure is right there, in the nature, our nature. Heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, obesity, all of them are common diseases of this modern age. Lack of movement, unhealthy food, not enough sleep, just few of the many factors that are causing this type of diseases. Everyone wants to live a happy, healthy, long life, but what are you doing about that? The answer is – nothing. It’s time for you to start making some changes. It’s on us to do what we have to do to start living healthier. When I say healthier I mean changing your eating habits, getting constant and enough sleep, finding ways to reduce stress, etc.

Every person in this planet needs motivation, but sometimes it’s difficult to find it. We’re all fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, grandparents, friends to someone. All of us want to see our closest family and friends healthy and happy so that we can enjoy the time spent with them. So, the next time when your mind doubts about whether to or not to start living healthier, find them as a MOTIVATION!



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