Can I help you?

Let’s say that you’re the one. The one who decided to change his lifestyle into more healthier one. You’re confused where and how to start. Let me help you in the part where you improve your diet.

Every day we’re exposed to new information’s about what we should or shouldn’t be taking into our bodies. I’ll try to simplify this for you. Stick to whole grains (on the bottom of the pyramid), fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts, lean meats, sea foods and drink a lot of water. Now, the science behind these ingredients goes like this.

Whole grains. Why? Great source of complex carbohydrates, not spiking your insulin levels, energy for prolonged time.

Fruits and vegetables. Why? Contain all kinds of vitamins and minerals, protecting and boosting your organism.

Beans and nuts. Why? Source of healthy fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates (beans).

Lean meats. Why? Great source of proteins, lower amount of saturated fat.

Sea foods. Why? They contain polyunsaturated fats like omega 3-fatty acids, protecting our cardiovascular system, and good source of protein.

The most important advice that I can give you to all of you that are making some changes is to go step by step in changing the things that you eat. Don’t implement all this things mentioned previously at once. You’ll quit fast. I know that is hard, trust me. First you can start with changes in the quantity of foods. Eat less for breakfast, lunch and dinner and add healthy snacks between your meals like fruits and nuts. Your body doesn’t need more than 400kcal per meal, especially if you’re sedentary person. The next step will be carrying a bottle of water with you everywhere you go and drink it regularly between meals. This will fight your hunger at first. Now, this is the hardest part for everyone, changing the simple carbohydrates with a complex one. You’ll feel great after adding them on your menu. You’ll have more energy for your everyday activities. Last but not least, replace your fatty piece of meat with a leaner choice, and add some sea food on your menu. Sticking to this kind of diet guys is not a torture. Eating healthy food doesn’t mean that you have to eat boiled chicken breast for the rest of your life. There’re tons of recipes that are incredibly delicious and healthy, just try it! Start now, start today!


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