5 factors that can have impact on your nutrition

We know that it’s not just the training that is responsible for your gains. You have to be dedicated to both training and nutrition. It’s important what you do during those 2 hours of training, but it’s even more important what you do during the rest 22 hours of the day.

Now, there’re obstacles in life of course. Nothingin life can be perfect. The most important thing is how you deal with those obstacles. You must develop a game strategy that will help you achieve your goals despite everything that goes against you.

When it comes to nutrition, there’re many things that can have influence on it. Here’re 5 factors that can have the most impact on in:

  1. Finances

-Your financial status may have big influence on your food intake. This is major issue for some people. Getting groceries for a month of healthy eating can hit your budget hard. You have read and look for food that fits your budget but in the same time corresponds with your goal whether is that loosing or gaining weight. You can gain weight from cheap, junk food, but that’s the type of weight that you wanna avoid. Strategy is very important thing when dealing with this issue.

  1. Environment

-Losing weight or keeping track on your macros (the amount protein, carbohydrates and fat that you should be consuming based on your caloric intake) can be difficult thing to do. Going out with your friends and seeing how they eat your favorite foods while you eat salad with fat-free dressing and a piece of lean meat it’s very challenging my friends. This problem occurs very often in young athletes. After school they all go together, eating hamburgers and pizzas, the kid of course will join them and after 1 hour his performance during game will decrease. That’s why when it comes to achieving your nutrition goals, your closest circle of people should be involved, giving you support the whole time.

  1. Busy schedule

-This is also a very important issue to be considered. Getting back from work, tired, hungry, nervous, will make you choose eating fast food rather than cooking some nice, healthy, homemade food. Preparation is the ideal “weapon” against this issue. Prepare your food in advance, heat it up when you come home after work or training, it’s by far the better choice than junk food on your way home.

  1.  Culture

-Coming from different cultures, you may be accustomed to consuming alcohol on a nightly basis, whereas some may find this taboo unless outside of training season if we speak specifically about athletes. Alcohol has empty calories. So, if your goal is to lose weight or training to maintain your bodyweight, consuming more than 2 glasses per week may affect your body composition.

  1. Accessibility

– Nowadays in developed countries and big cities you can find almost everything during the whole year. This may have effect on people who live in smaller cities and economically not-developed countries. In this situation you can’t find everything in supermarkets, you have to read and search for foods that are closest to the desired ones in terms of nutritive values.


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