3-phasic workout program. Muscle building phase

The next phase in my 3-phasic program will be muscular hypertrophy.  In this phase we’re going to work on increasing the size of the muscles. This phase will last for four weeks.

Hypertrophy is a term that’s used when something is enlarging is size. Now, within the muscles 2 types of hypertrophy can occur: sarcoplasmatic and myofibrillar hypertrophy. In this phase we will target the sarcoplasmatic hypertrophy. The difference between these two hypertrophies is that in sarcoplasmatic hypertrophy, the size of the cytoplasm of the muscle fiber is increasing, while during myofibrillar hypertrophy the number of contractile proteins (actin and myosin) is increasing in number. With sarcoplasmatic hypertrophy the muscle will increase in size with no significant increases in maximal strength, whereas with myofibrillar hypertrophy the maximal strength of the muscle will increase with no significant increases in size.

The program consists of 4 workouts per week, two days on and one day of. The workouts will be divided into upper and lower body workouts like this:

  • Monday- Upper body
  • Tuesday- Lower body
  • Wednesday- rest
  • Thursday- Upper body
  • Friday-Lower body
  • Saturday-rest
  • Sunday- Upper body

You’ll be performing total of 6 exercises. The rep range is going to be from 8-12 repetitions with 45 to 60 seconds of rest between sets, and 90 seconds rest between exercises. The speed of contraction should be slow to moderate. The intensity of the exercises will be 60-80 percent. For the major muscle groups you’ll be performing 4 total sets, and for the smaller muscle group 3 total sets. The abdominal area will be worked on lower body days to decrease the volume done on upper body days. Remember that the goal in this phase is to increase the muscle so pay attention on proper form and choose weights that will allow you to perform the desired number of repetitions. Improper form and using to heavy weight will cause you to use momentum and you won’t be able to really feel the muscles working. Let’s make some gains!

You can download the workout here for free:


For proper exercise technique please visit:




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