20 minutes glute workout for the ladies


Hey ladies! If you want a nice butt you’ll have to work really hard to get it. There is no substitute for hard work. Hard work always pays off! This 20 minute workout is a bodyweight workout designed to tone your butt. No need for gym membership or any sort of equipment. Just give it a try!

In this article we’re going to present you a 20 minutes workout that will hit your glutes really hard. Even though it’ll last only for 20 minutes, this workout is no joke. You will feel the burn for sure. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, and tone that gluteus maximus

This is going to be a circuit type of workout. You’ll be performing 5 exercises with 15 seconds rest between them, and 90 sec rest between rounds. This workout consists of 3 total rounds. Before you start with the workout make sure that you stretch your legs for 5 minutes. It will allow you to use full range of motion, especially on the squats. After you complete the workout, again stretch your legs for 5 minutes.




Hip Bridges 25


Split Squats

15 each leg

Hip Abductions


Forward Lunges

10 each leg


From the table you can see that the number of repetitions is high. This will also work on you cardiovascular system. You can perform this type of workout three times per week. After two weeks of working out, increase the number of rounds by one. After week 4 you can perform total of 5 rounds per workout.



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