Exercise and Sex

Is finding motivation for exercising difficult for you? You want to spend your free time in front of TV sitting on your couch? Well, what if exercise can make your sex life healthier and happier. Can this be your motivation now? 

We know that exercise has many beneficial and healthy properties like preventing cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, etc. In this article we are going to give you the benefits from exercising on your sex life.

There is a proven link between sex and exercise. During exercise your brain produces endorphins and stimulates your sex hormones. These hormones reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, lover cortisol levels and relax your body. Regular exercise boosts circulation, tones your body, and primes the brain for sexual satisfaction. It gets your blood flowing and can increase your arousal. Lubrication, genital sensation, and tingle of sexual excitement are all fueled by good blood flow.

When it comes to women and sex, it’s all about mindset. This is why exercise is so important for women too, because it relieves stress and can clear the brain from mental clutter. During exercise like we said endorphins are produced which can wash away tension and usher in positive, empowering thoughts.



  • Strength exercise: This type of training leads to increases in growth hormone, which contributes to increases in testosterone- the hormone of arousal. Lifting weights for 2-3 times per day with adequate sleep leads to improved sexual arousal.

  • Cardio: Include any type of cardio exercise like running, swimming, playing tennis or basketball with your friends in your weekly regimen. Your blood flow from these type of activities will increase, your brain will bathe in beta-endorphins, and your desire for sex will almost double.

  • Yoga: Yoga goes back centuries ago. It was used in ancient times for sexual awakening also known as tantra. Yoga is an exercise for your body and your brain. It can clear your thoughts and direct them into the right direction. Flexibility gained from yoga will lead to experiencing new sexual positions with your partner.


Exercise is linked with numerous health benefits, making your sex life healthier and happier is just one drop in the ocean. For tha sake of your sex life, get up from your couch, get dressed, and hit the gym hard.


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