Control your weight using different aerobic methods


Is aerobic training boring to you? Is that the reason why you skip it? Well, it doesn’t have to be so. There are many ways that you can make aerobic training fun and challenging, as long as you use different AT (aerobic training) methods.

These days AT has come to running never endless, boring to death, long distances on a treadmill. Maybe the first few runs will be fun and challenging for you, but as you progress (with your fitness level), the likelihood of you getting bored is high! Then, you decide to quit with AT, and you start gaining weight again. Aerobic training is just like any other type of training. You must change the training variables; you must use overload progression, and other training principles.

In this article we will go through some different aerobic methods that you can use to avoid boredom, monotony, and overtraining. Let’s start!


  1. Continuous method

-We have to start with this one. This is “the classic” one when it comes to aerobic training. It is used by every fitness enthusiast, people who are trying to lose weight, athletes, etc. This method can be described as slow distance running method. Because it is low in intensity, for weight control it can be used 5-7 days per week. The problem with this method is that, when it comes to more advanced athletes, this method may be inferior in comparison to others. Now, in the beginning we mentioned that this method is by far the one that people use the most. Continues method is great for increasing fat utilization, thus burning more fat during and after workouts. There is nothing wrong with this method. You can use it, just don’t overuse it!


  1. Fartlek method

-The word “fartlek” comes from Sweden and means speed play. This method is a combination of higher and lower running pace. For example, you may run at 30-40 percent of your VO2 max, and then sprint for 30-90 sec, and then go back to slower tempo. The difficult thing when it comes to Fartlek method is monitoring and prescription of training intensity.


  1. Interval training method

-Studies have shown that this type of training is superior to any other when it comes to increasing VO2max, LT (lactate threshold), and exercise economy. The total amount of calories that you’re going to burn with interval training is very high. The time needed to finish this type of workouts is shorter in comparison to other modalities, so it’s another plus for those of you who don’t have much time for longer-lasting workouts. In interval training method you will be performing at or very close to your VO2max.


Our recommendation will be to constantly alternate between these three methods. For example, one week you can use the continuous method, the second week the Fartlek method, and the third week the interval training method. Another way to periodize these methods is to change the type of AT on every consequent workout.  Alternate between these different AT training modes and never be bored in the gym during your cardio sessions, plus, the results will be amazing!





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