Control your weight using different aerobic methods


Is aerobic training boring to you? Is that the reason why you skip it? Well, it doesn’t have to be so. There are many ways that you can make aerobic training fun and challenging, as long as you use different AT (aerobic training) methods. Continue reading


Exercise and Sex

Is finding motivation for exercising difficult for you? You want to spend your free time in front of TV sitting on your couch? Well, what if exercise can make your sex life healthier and happier. Can this be your motivation now?  Continue reading

5 Steps To Stronger and Leaner Abs


The abdominal muscles are very debatable subject especially during the summer period. The so called “showing off’ muscles are easy achievable for those who are genetically gifted, for others almost impossible to have if you don’t pay close attention to every step that you are doing. For a nice looking “six pack” you have to put hard work, sweat, and a 24/7 dedication to your nutrition. Continue reading

Is there a best type of cardio?

The question that so many people are asking before they undergo a cardio session. Let me explain you why there should be no dilemma. When we talk about types of cardio, mostly we think about long duration, low intensity, boring running on the treadmill or in your favorite park, stadium, etc. The other type would be high-intensity, lower volume, less chosen, interval cardio session. Continue reading